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How do I join?

Springfield Rugby is open all the time to new comers.  An easy way to join is to come out to a rugby match or training, and introduce yourself.  99% of the time, we will make sure to provide you with all the information you may need in order to get started.

Are there tryouts?

Springfield Rugby does not hold tryouts, there is not a specific time for people to join up, and we don't require you to be around at any specific point in time.

Isn't rugby really rough?

Many Americans grow up watching football and assume that rugby is just football without any sort of pads. This is not true. Rugby tackles rely on much better form and body position, with the head and neck far less involved. We don't have helmets to protect our heads, so we don't hit people with our heads. Also, it's very rare that a tackle is made with either party at a full sprint.


If I want to just watch, what should I do?

While playing rugby offers benefits, we know it's not for everyone.  Admission to our matches is always free (except the rare fundraiser event), and we encourage you to come to any match or training to see what rugby is for yourself.  It may not be a bad idea to brush up on some rules, and gameplay objectives, so that the game makes sense to you.

What Should I bring/wear to practice?

Please wear cleats, athletic shorts, shirt/hoodie, mouth guard, and bring water. It's okay if you don't have cleats to begin with. We have plenty of extra cleats. Bring tennis shoes and we'll get you sorted.

Another frequently asked question.

To be determined soon.

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