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And how to get involved as a player, fan, or sponsor!

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SRFC was established in Springfield, Missouri in 1983 and is dedicated to playing, developing, and promoting rugby in the region for men, women, and youth teams. Our men play in the Mid-America Rugby Union's DIII competition and are always recruiting new players, sponsors, and supporters.


Springfield Rugby starts fall 15s training again on Tuesday, August 6th, 2024. We are recruiting players who have never touched a rugby ball. All shapes, sizes, speeds, and athletic abilities are invited to play the greatest sport on Earth with us! Please join us at any time throughout the year.

Training sessions will be every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00 - 7:30 PM at our pitch out on Sawyer Road. Google 'Brookline Cemetery' and you'll see us right next door to the East.

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While SRFC is committed to winning on the field, most of the people who continue to be involved show up for the friendships off of the field.  Some of our supporters and fans have never played a minute of rugby, while some are former ruggers whose boots don't fit as well any more.  Either way, we foster an atmosphere of camaraderie and friendship at the pitch.

If you'd like to enjoy a Fall or Spring afterrnoon outside, have a few laughs, make a few friends, and watch a few guys have a run; Grab a chair, maybe a jacket, bring your kids and your friends. We welcome you.

The club could not exist without the loyal support of its fans. After every match, we pay our respect by applauding the fans because we appreciate you joining us.


Objectives and Rules of the Game

If you are extremely interested in the rules and regulations of rugby, the International Rugby Board (IRB) has a great website with all the information you could ever need.


For the casual fan, though, here's an overview:

  • 15 Players for each team.  Substitutions are permanent, unless made for injury.

  • Two 40 minutes halves are played. The team with the most points at the end of play wins.

  • The objective of the match is to advance the ball and touch it down with-in the try zone, called a try.  Similar to football. After this try, the scoring team has an opportunity for a conversion kick.

  • Tries are worth 5 points. Conversion Kicks are worth 2 points

  • Penalty kicks/Drop kicks are worth 3 points.

  • Play is continuous, stopping only for penalties, injuries, scores, and in cases of out of bounds

  • Players are not allowed to block, screen, or obstruct a defender from tackling another player.

  • The ball must be passed backwards/laterally, unless it is kicked forward. Forward means towards the try zone the attacking team is trying to reach. A forward pass/mishandling of the ball that causes it to go forward is called a knock-on

  • Minor infractions, like knock-ons, result in a restart of play called a scrum. Out-of-bounds play results in a line-out

  • In scrums and line-outs, a straight line between the competing teams forms the tunnel. The ball must travel straight down this tunnel

  • If a team receives a major foul/penalty, they are required to retreat 10 meters.

If you are at a match, and don't understand the gameplay, ask someone near you. Nothing makes an old rugger happier than explaining a game, especially if there's an opportunity to tell a personal story.


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