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Springfield Rugby is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization with a board of directors as well as a fully funded foundation. All proceeds, donations, and dues go back into the operation of our organization and the maintenance of our facility.


As an Alumni or Supporter of Springfield Rugby Club you can become a member for $50 per year (1 year = July AGM to the next July AGM).
Get a 5 year membership for $100 and you will receive a SRFC T-shirt.​
​As a member of SRFC:
1) You will receive a Club Membership Card.
2) When you attend a Home game you will get :
a) two free drinks and
b) a raffle ticket for the after-match draw.
c) additional drinks - half price.
3) You can vote at a General Meeting of the Club.
4) Reduction in cost for the Alumni Founders Day event.​
5) Have a vote in the Club Awards presented at the Club Banquet every year.

SRFC now offers a Lifetime Membership for $500.
​Benefits include:
Club Membership Card.
A SRFC Tee shirt.
Free Alumni Founders Day.
Free beer at Home Games.
A raffle ticket for the after-match draw when you attend a Home game.
​A vote at the Annual General Meeting of the Club.
Have a vote in the Club Awards presented at the Club Banquet every year.

It's so easy to join!!
You can pay on-line through PayPal by clicking the link on this page.
Send a check to:
Bryan Bevel
The Pitch Pizza & Pub
2924 E. Sunshine Street
MO 65804





Springfield Rugby Football Club endeavors to play, develop, support, and promote the sport of rugby for all age groups. SRFC aims to provide a safe, enjoyable and enriching environment in which players can enhance their physical fitness and their skills to their own personal benefit and the general benefit of the game of Rugby Union. SRFC will assist players in reaching their full potential and will strive to teach the values and traditions of rugby as well as develop a functioning partnership within the community.


1) Only the Head Coach, Captain and Team Manager are responsible for selecting the Team to play, including starters and substitutes.

2) The Team Manager is responsible for assessing availability of players and is therefore involved in the selection process.

3) Only players who are registered CIPP players with the USA RFU are eligible to play rugby.

4) Only players who have paid their SRFC club dues in full for the season are eligible to play for SRFC.

5) Every effort will be made to select the side after practice on Thursday and have this posted on the club web site for all to see.

6) The Board recognizes that Part 4 is not always possible due to changing circumstances surrounding a player’s work schedule; players recovering from injury; other exceptional circumstances.

7) Every effort will be made by the Selectors to select a side comprised of the best players, for all positions within the team. However, there will occasionally be a conflict as they consider who has regularly attended practices, travelled to away matches and the balance within the team. The Board wants to give players with less experience the opportunity to learn the game as quick as possible, while at the same time not exposing them to situations beyond their current level of play and understanding of the game. This balance is not easy and the Board wants every player to recognize this situation and support the Selectors with their sometimes very difficult task.

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