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Grafton Rugby before a match, Benjamin Thomas in the middle.jpeg

Grafton, New South Wales, Australia

Grafton Redmen FC

In the winter of 2011, three players from Grafton, New South Wales, Australia made contact with Springfield Rugby and began a partnership that has seen the exchange of multiple players.  Shane "Densh" "Charlie Pound" Denshire, Chris "Jacko" Jackson, and Trent "Shermo" Dickson made their trip to the Ozarks in February of 2011.  While they were in Springfield, the Mudpuppies were undefeated, and even brought home a trophy from the Wayne State tournament, where the temperature soared to 34F!!  After helping lead us to our best season in years, the boys flew home to Australia in May, 2011.

The three blokes from Grafton gave us guidance, debauchery, and built friendships that have continued to this day: Jacko returned to Springfield in the Fall of 2011, where he has helped the club in many functions, including coaching.  His wife and he have always been strong supporters of the club.

Shermo returned to the States in Fall 2012, along with his younger brother, Kane, and approximately a heap of other Grafton natives to celebrate Jacko's wedding.  Shermo has been an invaluable resource in the Mudpuppies' partnership with Grafton: Hosting Benjamin Thomas on his trip to Grafton in the Spring of 2013, and Scotty Franklin and Sam Taggart in the Spring/Summer of 2014.  

The Grafton Redmen have a rich rugby history and continue to be one of our most exciting friendships. 

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