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Cardiff, South Wales

Rumney RFC

Rumney RFC visited Springfield in June 1988 and again in June 1992.

June 1988 Result
Springfield 16 - Rumney 22

June 1992 Result
Springfield 10 - Rumney 17

1994 Springfield RFC on Tour.


Rumney W SRFC L

In the 2014/15 season Rumney RFC  is a well-established club within the Swalec National League Division 1 East.

Rumney RFC were the second club Springfield RFC played against on its1994 tour of Scotland and Wales. Following the Saturday game against Strathendrick RFC in Scotland SRFC travelled to S. Wales and played against Rumney RFC on the following Tuesday evening. SRFC lost the match but it was a great experience for all the players.





MAY 29 — JUNE 2, 1988


May 29 ( Sunday ) 2:00


Arrive Pappy's Place. Take them home, shower and feed them.

We will be out on the town, starting at Bombay Bicycle Club


May 30 ( Monday )


Arrive Mill Creek Campground 10:00 A.M. for fun and frolic.

Meat and beer will be provided by the club. We need everyone to

bring chips, a salad or desert. We will be at the lake all day

so plan ahead.


May 31 ( Tuesday )


The bulk of the day will be free so take your guest's shopping

and sight seeing. Bass pro is a good place to start.

Arrive at the pitch at 4:30 to begin warming up. The match

will start between 5:30 and 6:00. The post match festivities will

be at grafiti's, again the club will provide the meat so you need

to bring a covered dish, desert or something. It will cost $5.00

per person to enter but this buys all of your booze for the night.


June 1 ( Wednesday )

Arrive ready to play softball at Ozark Mountain Stadium at

1:00 p.m. I anticipate playing for 2 hours. We will go to Rumors

night club at 8:00 p.m. The cost for this will be $5.00 for all

you can drink.


June 2 ( Thursday )


Arrive at Pappy's Place by 10:00 for departure to K.C.


June 3 ( Friday )


Contact a GOOD divorce lawyer or A.A. whichever you may need.




Give your guest you name, phone number and address as soon as you

get them home, along with the number of Pappy's Place ( in case of


Have beer in the fridge. Plan on feeding them easy food like sand-

wiches. Have Juice and doughnuts for breakfast.

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