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April 2024
In Person Scoop, Cam, phone Tom, Sam.

Discussion tournament  Bevel contacting USA Rugby and handling Refs.

Pappy Cindy concessions. Lugar in charge of Pitch. Need a PA and help. Picnic License. Scoop check insurance event. (Under our policy with Trogdon Insurance we have liquor liability and if sanctioned by USA Rugby we our covered by USA Rugby policy Liability. Scoop)

Golf tournament $60 per player discussion of such. Lunch and Beer handled by Cam, Brewco. only participants of tournament welcome at Brewco. Sam question, do we pay the club some money, discussion only.

Submitted Scoop Sec. Treas.

Foundation purchased kits, jerseys and polos for upcoming Old Boys Tourney which we will recoup and more collecting money from buyers $4,378.00 was our expense.
Current balance therefore $18,178.52 Fund.

Investment Fund continues to go up $4,749.57
Total $22,908.09.
March 2024

In person Collins, Jones, Thornton, by phone Holliday

Treas Report $22,069.59 Fund Investment Fund $4,537.62 total $26,707.21

Old Boys Tourney no T shirts to order. Fees entry $375 discussion glass or plastic cups. Discussed concessions. after match events at Pitch. Ask Wire road for 2 kegs.

Picnic License and Beer License, music and PA. Mowing and lining of pitch.

May 18th Sunday Morning, Wichita, KCRFC SRFc participating.

Raffle extra Old boys jerseys. contact USA Rugby, Medical and trash. Lauren sound system.

Club discussion men’s and women’s coach gone. Reason unknown.

Golf tournament Brewco 60 meals 1 keg

Submitted Scoop Thornton Sec Treas.

Please note increase of investment fund is up over $100 in one month, no money was put in the investment fund so that is all increase in investments.

The quarterly report ending  3 31 2024 showing interest etc is not out yet but should be soon and will be forwarded to you.


February 2024
Meeting not held  - Cam surgery.

January 2024

Meeting at Cam Collins’ home in person, Collins, Jones and Thornton. By Phone Tahhan and Butler, regrets Holliday.

Cam reports meeting with SRFC Board at US Ball Park as a possible training area in winter and possible winter match at Ball Park.  Golf tournament approved. Discussed with that board. 

Field Sponsorship and discussion of Old Boys tournament. 

Discussion of Old Boys Tournament possible May 18. 
Discussion of details of tournament.
July 27 Golf Tournament, Horton Smith. Tahhan in charge
Afterwards at Spfld. BrewCo.

Cam Collins to be out personal issue in February, Colin Jones to lead Foundation temporarily.

Discussion of current Club, many issues with SRFC at present. Pointed out Jones saved club a whole lot of money on zoning
for land Property Tax.
Submitted David Scoop Thornton Sec/Treas.

Investment Fund $4,532.15
Fund $21,618.07
Total $26,150.22

Thanks Scoop


Director Meeting December  13th 2023.
Meeting at Collins’ home in person, Collins, Jones and Thornton. By Phone Tahhan and Butler, regrets Holliday.

Cam reports meeting with SRFC Board at US Ball Park as a possible training area in winter and possible winter match at Ball Park.  Golf tournament approved. Discussed with that board. 

Field Sponsorship and discussion of Old Boys Tournament. 

Foundation discussions -

Discussion of Old Boys Tournament possible May 18. 

Discussion of details of tournament.

July 27 Golf Tournament, Horton Smith. Tahhan in charge.

Afterwards Social at Spfld. BrewCo.

Cam Collins to be out personal issue in February, Colin Jones to lead Foundation temporarily.

Discussion of current Club, many issues with SRFC at present. Pointed out Jones saved the club a whole lot of money on Property Tax on  land after a successful appeal to the Greene County Assessors Office.   Land is currently assessed at $0.                      

Submitted David Scoop Thornton Sec/Treas.


Directors meeting Wednesday November 8th.
Present Collins, Jones, Holiday, Thornton  by phone Tahhan, Butler.

Financials $20,621.25 Fund, Investment Fund $4,053.97.
Total $24,675.22 approved.

Discussion Old boys tournament May 18 2024, Boulder, Memphis, KC Old boys possible guests.

Discussion Golf tournament in July Payne Stewart, or Horton Smith, or Sp CC in July, Scoop to contact Payne Stewart,

Discussion of 8:00 to 1:30 time.  Shotgun, possible 40 teams, week before Price Cutter pro tournament. Hole sponsor. Social afterwards sight of such discussed. Hole sponsorship. Lauren to make design. Sam mention Link From Allen to city website parks.

Scoop brought up naming rights of Pitch.

Cam said go to SRFC board meeting to discuss Old boys tournament, golf tournament,

Naming rights of pitch.

Discussion of our Club dues and amounts of various rugby Clubs.

Respectfully submitted
David Thornton Sec. Treas.


Foundation Minutes October 11, 2023 
In person Jones, Collins, Thornton, phone Sam T, Butler

Fund $20,621.25
Investment Fund $4,053.97.
Total $24,675.22 

Collins - 40th at Wire Road went well, good attendance. NOTE: Wire Road did not provide free round of beer as promised but a discount. Collins bought a round from his own funds.

10s Tournament comment were made that it was messed up this year.  No beer available after tournament KC Rugby upset may not return. Club presidents decision on amount of beer available.

Discussion of Old Boys tournament May 2024 15's sponsored by Foundation, possible date May 18. 

Golf tournament in July of 2024 discussed, Payne Stewart, or Springfield Country Club or Horton Smith. 

Donation of prizes, hole sponsors, gold sponsors and silver sponsors, cash prizes and a silent auction. 

Next Directors meeting Wednesday November 8 7:00 

Submitted by Scoop Thornton Sec. Treas.


September 2023 - No meeting was held


Foundation Minutes August 16 2023 

Serena Austin resigned from board. Appreciation for her contributions was discussed. Lauren Holiday agreed to replace Serena as a representative  of the ladies side.

In attendance were Jones, Collins, Thornton, Butler by phone

Following  items discussed re 40th weekend coming up.

Wristbands, T shirts, texting alumni,  players of decade:
Scoop 80s, Pappy 90s, Behr 2000, Benji 2010 on.

Sale of Beer Collins to buy one round,
Wire road to provide one round of beer.

Wire Road 6:30  Butler discussion QR code. Discussion of Pub Crawl all set with locations verified.

No meeting was held in September of 2023 due to conflicts.

Submitted by David Scoop Thornton, Sec. Treas.


Foundation Minutes July 12 2023 

In person Jones, Collins, Thornton regrets Austin, phone Tahhan, Butler

Discussion take Brick signs to 10s tournament.
Master list to be sent to Sam.
Wire Road left trash after concert, no income to Club from this event. Wire Road paid $250 for parking, or one half to Sawyers.
Scoop send mug picture to Jester and Colin. 

Decade Players, 3 players each weekend.
Scoop Text Serena about ladies, decided to include ladies.

Discussion of Pub Crawl, Scoop Wrist bands. Discussion of Party Bus. Party Bus KIngs, 417 Party bus, and Fisks   (Note party bus has since been handled with Fisk) 

Pappys Specials for Pub Crawl no response from Pappys Place about Specials

Submitted David Thornton Sec Treas.


Foundation Minutes June 14 2023 

Meeting at Cam Colins in person Jones, Austin, Collins, Thornton. Telephonic, Butler , Tahhan.

Cam had signs made for bricks 7s, Thornton pick up and take to 7s.  

Pup Crawl 6;30 to 9:30 3 bars confirmed plus 2 hotels for stops.  

Friday 18, 40th event Old Wire Road 6:00 discussion of first beer on Wire Road decided no on Foundation getting 2nd round beer. 

Thornton report insurance good for 7s and concert. Paying Sawyer family $500 for use of their property for parking for the year. Wire Road to pay half. SRFC the other half. Discussion of 7s and concert.  

Discussion of SRFC club and officers. 

Minutes submitted David Thornton Sec Treasurer


May 2023 Minutes 

Meeting at Cam Collins home and thanks to Cam for hosting the meeting. Subjects discussed were few but long.
In person Collins, Thornton, Jones.   Butler and Sam T. telephonic.

1. Friday night at Wire Road. approved to have event at Wire road. They will provide ONE free beer.
Food Truck doing food as each pay for food. Video board available. Roof over patio.  

2. Pub Crawl Saturday August 19.  Bars, Pappy"s, Hold Fast, Coyotes, PItch P P. stops at Vandivort Hotel and University Plaza. Scoop will confirm 3 bars except Hold Fast Sereena to contact Susan At Hold Fast.

3 Scoreboard at pitch agreed to to have Scoop pursue further and obtain permission from SRFC Board, Scoop stated basic scoreboard $5,000, Soccer if you will. Scoop had lead on $8300 Board we could get for $6,000. 16' by 4'. Also cost of installation and freight. 

Balance in our fund $23,176.82 CFO

Respectfully Submitted

David Scoop Thornton


Rugby Foundation Minutes April 10th 2023 

In person Collins, Jones and Thornton. electronically Sam T and Tom B.  Serena mowing the pitch.

Minutes from last meeting read and approved.

Total fund $22,912.55,   $18,757 fund,  Investment fund $4154.89

Discussion long of upcoming 7s and possible concert.

Discussion of 10s and Homecoming weekend another long discusssion. There are some issues with some longstanding members and the BrewCo.
Cam has reached out to Wire Road with no firm response to date. Cam will try again.
Pappys Place on board for Pub Crawl and Susan at Pappys going ahead with plans for new building next door.
Cam talked about 10s Tshirts. Good discussion on players of the Decades. Will send out to general population of club to select 5 names, using an appropriate website, then 3 will finally be selected for each decade.

Submitted David Thornton, Sec Treas.

Rugby Foundation Minutes March 8 2023 

Present Collins, Jones, Austin, Thornton, telephonic Butler and Tahann 

Serena on ladies 4 current women playing. 4/22/2023 Women's All Play Day.  

Discussion, Drury Womens and Men.   
U match Feb. 25 good day discussion.
Recent SRFC match canceled to Arkansas 13 players and problems with referee. 
(Scoop personal note at St. Pats Parade we had 30 on the float).
2 merit table matches coming up and SRFC may be hosting playoffs. 
40th Celebration - August 18th Springfield BrewCo - cost $20 max we charge $25 reservation $30 walk in.   
Cam discussed G mail account.
Saturday night Pub Crawl, Pappys, Pitch P P, Hold Fast Brewco, Coyotes . Charter Bus. 

Decade Players, 5 nominees Decided by Hall of Fame members. Presentations by Founders.   Long discussion of Old Boys Tournament 15s handled by Foundation. Discussion of when possible. May of next year discussed. Investment rates questioned


February Meeting


Current balance as February 7, 2023 

Total $11,995.88  rugby fund $7795.53, Investment $4200.36

Just spoke with Marc and he has another $1,185 to transfer from what Scoop and I gave him.

Scoop - Missing that I know of is $610 from Founders Day given to Marc several weeks ago also transfer of $10,000 from the club. thanks Scoop

Men’s - Currently top of Div III with 2 away games to go Royal/Ramblers (2nd) and Columbia (2nd from bottom).

Only Home game - 25th vs KU. If they win the MT then there should be one or two Home games in April. 

New Coach - JackO - knows rugby with emphasis on fitness and basic skills at this level - if the players respond to this approach and keep their discipline at practice and during games they should do well. 

Planning for a 7’s T June 17 and 10’s Aug 19.
January Meeting cancelled.


Foundation of SRFC December 14, 2022 Meeting Minutes 

Current Balance $12,104.08 - Investment fund $4102.26, Regular fund $8001.61 

Pill Tour canceled inflation almost double travel expense. Maybe a few coming in June. 

New mens coach Jacko , Chris Jackson from Australia 

Per Serena, Lauren Holiday playing rep side for ladies MRFU. 

Colin Jones,  Drury playing mens 7s as opposed to full side. 

Cam,  Ready to order mugs. Discussion of shirts for Founders Day. Pins ordered. 

Discussion of reenactment at Pappy's Jan 10 2023.  

Due to error of Secretary, who participated was not written down as far as Board members at above meeting.   

Submitted by David Thornton Secretary/Treasurer 

Minutes Board Meeting 11 /9 /2022

Present Cam Collins, Colin Jones, David Thornton, electronic attending Sam Tahann, Tom Butler, regrets Serena Austin.

Fund amount Club fund $7886.13  Investment $3895.00 total $11,781.13


Club needs new coach, only loss fall was to Div II club Wichita.

Pavers additional to be ordered, Butler may have another 6 or 7 to add.

Will be a reenactment original meeting of January 10 1983, at Pappy's Place January 10 , 2023 @ 5:30pm

Founders Day at Pitch P and P January 14, 2023.

Discussion of 40th Homecoming main event Friday night as opposed to Saturday night. Need to get current players at Homecoming. Also invite opponents we have played through the years.

Discussion of logo for 40th. Old T shirt the original  jerseys replica for Homecoming the 40th in August.

Discussion of Fleece shirts, ¾ and screen vs embroidery.

Discussion of mug 40th 1983 to 2023. 

Discussion of the current sociology of the rugby club.

Discussion of venues for the 40th Homecoming.

Respectfully submitted,

David Thornton, Treasurer

Foundation minutes of Board meeting 10/12/2022.
In person Cam Collins and Colin Jones with Tom Butler, Scoop Thornton and Sam Tahhan on Zoom.

The Foundation welcomed Sam Tahhan as new 3-year member (2022-2025) of the Board.
The Board are seeking another member from the KC area to improve coverage.
Treasurers Financial Report - current balance $7773.77 and the Investment Fund $3775.78. 

Founders date set for Saturday January 14th, 2023 at The Pitch Restaurant.

A mass e-mail will be sent out in November for 501c3 end of year related donations and paver update.
Discussion of items to be sold at the 40th event.
This includes a special logo for apparel is being created for the event.
Due to the low attendance at this year’s Banquet held on Saturday 22nd August it was decided that the 40th Banquet would be held on the Friday with Saturday night after the 10’s T at Pappy’s. It was suggested that the Banquet should be open to members of the larger Rugby Club fraternity who want to join SRFC’s event.

Cam is prepared to make a video of SRFC through the years.

A Golf Tournament was suggested for the weekend of the Pill Tour.

Scoop informed the meeting that the press conference at the new pitch opening went well - KY3 did footage which resulted in 3 different stories and one article in the Springfield Business Journal.
Minutes submitted

Colin Jones.


Foundation Board minutes September 19 2022
Present via Zoom: Colin Jones, Cam Collins, Serena Austin, Tom Butler

1. Target remaining paver donors 
-Butler continues to reach out to SMS guys

2. New Board Members
-Reaching out to two strong candidates (Paul Snider and Sam Tahan)

3. 40th Celebration 10s Tournament Discussion
-Venue discussion  
-Will sponsors be able to accommodate the amount of attendees at the banquet or should we consider other options?
-Would be prudent to get a rough head count at Founder's Day before discussing venues

4. Funding outdoor scoreboard/monitor
-Informal request for a pavilion monitor and software to run scoreboard, time, sponsors, etc. and kid's play area
-This would be a good opportunity to promote the Foundation
-Cam will send out Ultravision LED Solutions information


Serena Austin


Foundation Board minutes August 2022
Meeting cancelled
Foundation Board minutes July 12 2022

Present Colin Jones, Cam Collins, Serena Austin, Benji Thomas. Zoom Butler. 

1. Discussion of setting pavers and location

2. Use social media to advertise pavers.

3. Discussion of adding Paul Snider and Sam Tahhan as board members no vote taken.

4. Agree to add Chris Thomas as player liaison.

5. No Tent for Foundation at 10s tournament.

6. Balance of CFO Fund $12,090.76 will have outstanding bills for pavers order.

Minutes respectfully submitted

Sec, Treas. David Scoop Thornton

Foundation Board minutes June 8 2022

In person: Collins,  Austin, Jones, Thornton, Zoom Butler, Smillie has resigned.

Minutes approved May meeting.

Discussion of the following items:

Pavers - Foundation has control of the pavers.

Naming of the pitch.

Foundation will do the 40th activities celebration, not the Tournament.

Foundation not in control of Pill tour.

BrewCo possible sight of 40th Banquet, due to large crowd.

Mass email selling bricks at $100 Colin sending email. Also social media.

Foundation paying Warrensburg 18 the first side, pavers.

Agreed to extend invitation to Chris Thomas and to Paul Snide as new board members.

Minutes respectfully submitted

Sec, Treas. David Scoop Thornton


Foundation minutes of board meeting 5/11/2022.
In person Serena Austin, Cam Collins, Colin Jones, 
Rhett Smillie resigned from board.

Discussion transfer of old pitch to new pitch. Discussion 7s June 11. 

Board membership Tom Butler and Thornton to expire 1 year agreed to continue. 

Foundation Report fixed fund is at $2685.54. Variable fund is $4448.42 total $7,133.96. Foundation is meeting with several ideas for fundraising next week.

Discussion of expanding board member to KC.

Collins discussed Proposal of sponsorship of Pitch. 

Discussion Letters on Pavilion.

Agreed brick pavers good idea and pavers discussed. Discussed placing pavers Warrensburg 18 the first match 1983 at new pitch and HOF stone.

Founders Day 2023 kickoff of 40th selling fleece shirts that day. 

Discussion of 10's and 40 plus side.

Discussion of power to North end of pitch.

Minutes submitted

David Scoop Thornton Sec. Treas.

Foundation minutes of board meeting 4/13/2022.
Meeting at Pitch Restaurant.   Present: SRFC President Bevel, Sec, Jones, Director Wells, Director MiIlie,  absent Director Scott. Treas. Stephens.

Foundation Board Present: Colins, Jones, Austin, Butler on Zoom, and Smillie not available.

Foundation Balance $7044.00 by Thornton, Foundation Sec, Treas.

Discussion of these topics

1. Barn agreement with adjoining landowners who agreed to give us barn and 10 feet around barn.

 2. Pavilion, lights & well.

 3. Collins suggested sealed bids on naming of pitch. Discussion of naming of pitch. Discussion Entry signs , Scoreboard, Hall of Fame location.

 4. Soft opening new pitch 7s tournament June. Hard opening 10s August

 5. Bevel gave report on new facility our pitch  and mentioned new Brewing Co going in down the street, on Sawyer Road.

Agreement of those present SRFC Board requests for Foundation funds go through SRFC Board. 

Minutes submitted David Thornton Foundation Sec. Treas.


Foundation minutes of board meeting 3/09/2022.
Meeting of foundation board in person Collins, Thornton and Jones. All other board members available on Zoom.
Thornton the Treasurer reported a current balance in the total fund of $6924.26. Total donations  to date, $7025, less interest charge from CFO $100.74. A breakdown was previously sent all board members.
Cam Collins discussed his meeting with the Springfield Rugby board and we had discussion of sponsorship of the Pitch.
There was discussion on the opening of the new Pitch in June and it was discussed giving the naming of the pitch on a bid situation with all bids due May 1. Rhett Smillie withdrew any offers for sponsorship naming of Pitch.
It was discussed that Pitch should be under another LLC name organization other than Springfield rugby football club.  Springfield Rugby board made a request that all requests for money from the Foundation go through the Springfield Rugby board.
It was agreed that the foundation board would agree to this.
It was suggested that the Foundation board and the Rugby board have a joint meeting April 13 at 7 o’clock at the Pitch as of this writing that is to take place.
There was discussion of the 40th celebration and the possibility of the Foundation board handling activities outside of the actual matches at the tens tournament. 
It is noted that approval the previous minutes of a board meeting were approved.
Respectfully submitted David Thornton secretary treasurer Foundation board

Foundation minutes of board meeting 2/09/2022
Cancelled - Cam out of town. The SRFC board meeting was postponed last week. Cam will be meeting with SRFC board next month - March.


Foundation minutes of board meeting 1/12/2022
Cam had another meeting on Wednesday night so could not attend and it was generally agreed that there was nothing needed discussion.

We currently have approximately $5,200 in the account with another $1,000 donated by John Hume at Founder's Day.  Should have another $200 in profit from Founder's Day to add.

Cam is scheduled to go to the SRFC board meeting next month and will let everyone know how that one goes.
Tom Butler added via e-mail - The thing I still need is a few contacts in the St. Louis area that played for SRFC. Preferably one in each decade since 83.  Colin J will send him a list of SRFC contacts.

Then I can shamelessly solicit donations to the foundation. 


At the beginning of operation of the Foundation, to insure continuity David Thornton and Tom Butler will serve a 1 year term (till 2022). Rhett Smillie and Serena Austin will serve a 2 year term (till 2023) and Colin Jones and Cam Collins a 3 year term (till 2024).

The first board meeting of the board held at Collins home on 6/30/21. In person, Cam Collins, Colin Jones, Serena Austin and David Thornton. Virtual at meeting Rhett Smillie and Tom Butler. 

Review of bylaws with several changes made. Opening paragraph change from Not for Profit to Non-profit. Page 4 Contracts the Board of Directors, (by simple majority) added. Page 4, Checks changed to read by such (Officer) and last sentence of Checks signed by the Treasurer and countersigned by the President for any check below $5,000 and require approval of a simple majority of the Board for a check $5,000 and greater. Article VII page 5 Bylaws may be changed b a (2/3) majority.

Discussion made of $2500 donation to CFO to begin the process of the new SRFC Foundation. Discussion of launch of Foundation,  August 21 10's Tournament. Tent at Pitch Saturday and information available at Dinner Saturday night, using tent, banner etc. 

Meetings to be second Wednesday of the Month. Next meeting July 14.

Minutes respectfully submitted by David Thornton, Secretary-Treasurer


Foundation minutes of board meeting 7/14/2021

Colin Jones and Cam Collins, Scoop Thornton, in person, Rhett Smillie phone call voted to approve minutes and Bylaws, Tom Butler on Zoom. Serena Austin unable to attend.

By vote minutes and Bylaws approved. 

Letter by Cam to members per fundraising read and approved. Discussion of Power to Pitch money transferred to our foundation fund.

Discussion of Tent and Kick off at 10’s tournament, Cam getting banner, Serena offered tent prior.

Foundation info added to SRFC website as well as letter by Cam and 501c3 information.

Suggested Foundation to be discussed at upcoming SRFC AGM. 

Next meeting August 11 Cam's home.

Minutes submitted By David Thornton, Sec.-Treasurer


Foundation minutes of board meeting 8/11/2021

Cam Collins, Colin Jones, Serena Austin and Tom Butler on Zoom. Scoop Thornton, Rhett Smillie unable to attend.

By vote minutes of last meeting approved. 

Cam has a Foundation banner designed but still needing improved graphics label for Chaos logo.

At this point the 10’s Tournament is still going ahead with 4 Teams registered but there is still time for other teams to register. The events for the evenings of both Friday and Saturday are still on with Scoop receiving a number of positive responses.

The suggestion by the SRFC Board that free beer would be provided to donors was not generally accepted as a necessary encouragement by the meeting.

We still need people to work the tent on Saturday and help at the Dinner Saturday night. Also discussed was the need to have information to be handed-out - does CFO have anything suitable and should SRFC Foundation prepare an information flyer?

The SRFC Foundation Facebook Page has been set up but as yet cannot accept Donations direct to the CFO account - this should be rectified in the next week or so. Cam will be asking CFO if there is a way to show a current donation total.

Next meeting September 8th at Cam's home.

Minutes submitted By Colin Jones, Vice Chairman


Foundation of Springfield Rugby Football Club

September 8 2021  Virtual meeting with Cam Collins, Tom Butler, Colin Jones, Serena Austin and Scoop Thornton, 

Treasurer reports $3265.61 in CFO Fund

Assessment was discussed as the Homecoming dinner generated, $210 for the foundation with $5 for each paid admission and one donation of $5, going to the Foundation. It was suggested that an assessment on player dues, tournament entry fees, Founders Day admission be charged. Discussed and the only additional assessment be Founders Day. 

 Also discussed was Founders Day East, since so many SMS and SRFC alum are in the St. Louis area to have ANOTHER Founders Day in St. Louis. This was approved as a good idea. Also discussed was the possibility of Founders Day North in KC. 

 Fund raising discussed and concession work considered to time consuming. Seeking corporate donations discussed considered good. 40th anniversary of SRFC approaching in two years and old Jersey and Polos discussed for that event. 

 Discussion of adding another board member in KC to help with the KC area.

Discussion of the new pitch and pavilion at the meeting as well.

Next meeting October 13th at Cam's home.

Minutes respectfully submitted, David Scoop Thornton Sec, Treas.


Foundation of Springfield Rugby Football Club

October 13th 2021.  Colin Jones and Cam Collins, in person, Tom Butler and Serena Austin on Zoom, Rhett Smillie and Scoop Thornton unable to attend.

By vote minutes of last meeting approved. 

Treasurer reports $3464 in CFO Fund.

The Board was informed that Ron K will be sending a donation to the Foundation this year and can expect a larger donation next year.

The meeting generally agreed that the Foundation needs to reach out to more individuals but this must be organized to prevent repetitive calling. Colin J will look into creating an interactive Db of contacts.

Tom B will create a list of St Louis based ex-SRFC members and it was suggested that Rhett S would be the most suitable Board member to build a similar list for Kansas City.

Colin J agreed to contact the Springfield Library Foundation Center regarding Direct Corporate Giving Programs.

Cam C will be contacting CFO to find out if they also provide guidance for applying for suitable discretionary grants.

Next meeting November 10th at Cams home.

Minutes submitted By Colin Jones, Vice Chair


Foundation of Springfield Rugby Football Club
November 10, 2021

In person Cam Collins, David Thornton, Colin Jones, on Zoom, Rhett Smillie, Tom Butler. Serena Austin not available.

Previous meeting minutes approved.

Thornton stated current balance $3514.15 

Discussion Founders Day Jan 8th Pitch Pizza Pub.

Discussion selling naming rights to new pitch. 

Discussion $300 a month 3 years $10,800 for rights. Smillie said he would do that , decided to take to SRFC Board. 

Discussion sending out email to solicit funds and facebook for Foundation. 

Discussion to have SRFC transfer some no interest bearing money from Checking account to the Foundation account.

Decided to keep original amount in fixed account at CFO $2500. Any amount above that move to variable amount drawing 8.8%. less 1.5 % handling fee CFO. Tom Butler reminded asking business for donations.
Jones, Collins and Thornton to go to Central Library for business listings.
Collins discussed Pill boys coming for 7s 2022 and Pill full side in 2023 10s discussion of 40th celebration of club at that time. Also 200 years of sport of Rugby beginning 1823.

Minutes submitted By Colin Jones, Vice Chair


Foundation of Springfield Rugby Football Club
December 8, 2021

Zoom meeting with Cam Collins, Colin Jones, Rhett Smillie and Serena Austin. Scoop Thornton and Tom Butler absent.

By vote minutes of last meeting approved.

Treasurer’s report - $4656.00 current balance we need to hit $5,000 to transfer $2500 to a variable account. This will be done automatically when we hit $5,000 -Thanks Scoop

The Google Sheets DB is available to all Board members with gmail accounts.

Discussion - with the large increase in the club’s property value and exposed liability risk it would seem prudent to consider setting up a separate holding company. 

Discussion - for now the Foundation Facebook page will be left as it is.

Discussion - following the recent club meeting where it was apparent that the value of the foundation to the club was not fully understood it was decided that steps needed to be taken to rectify this situation. It was decided that Cam C should attend the February Board meeting of the Club to explain concerns following an appeal for questions to be submitted beforehand. 

Next meeting January 12th at Cams home.

 Minutes submitted By Colin Jones, Vice Chair

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