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Queen City Chaos vs Omaha Goats - 2018

On Saturday, March 3, 2018 the Chaos took on the Omaha Goats at home. Both teams are relatively new but this friendly rivalry has already become known as a physical, hard hitting contest.

The visitors got on the scoreboard quickly after a defensive lapse.  But the match stayed close through the first half. The Chaos quickly got in a rhythm of phase after phase moving toward the goal line. The forwards were doing a great job pounding the ball in but gave up a turnover allowing the Goats to hold the line. The Chaos kept working on the ball and eventually a hole opened in the defense for Kaitlin Evans to score. She also made the conversion kick.

The second half went on much the same way. A lot of hard charging rugby punctuated by scrums. The Chaos threatened again twice in the second half, being awarded penalty kicks close in to the goal line. But again the Goats were able to hold the line and deny the forwards a much deserved try. As with the first half, continued pressure opened up another hole for Kaitlin. She scored her second try of the match but missed the conversion kick into the wind. At the final whistle, Omaha was ahead by a substantial margin but the final tally doesn't really reflect the nature of the match. A great effort by the Chaos!

Back of the match: Kaitlin Evans, Forward of the match: Linda Kanzenbach

Photos from the amazing Evan Fusco:


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