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Chaos vs Black Sheep - 2018

On March 10 the Chaos took on the Mid-Mo Black Sheep at home.  The Chaos opened scoring early when Emily "Tank" Holloway went across. The Sheep came back with 2 quick tries and 1 conversion.  The forwards were doing a great job securing the ball which paid off with a first time try for Chiara Citterio. The Sheep scored again putting the score at 10-17. Shortly before half time Serena Austin went across for her first of the day. Kaitlin Evans tacked on the conversion to put the score even at the half.

The Chaos came out from the half on fire and quickly added 2 more tries from Serena and another conversion from Kaitlin. The Sheep broke the line and got in for another try and conversion. Serena scored again with no conversion but the Sheep weren't done, scoring another converted try. But it was too little too late and at the final whistle the Chaos took the W. Final score 34-31.  Tries by Tank, Chiara, and Serena (4). Conversions Kaitlin (2). Forward of the match was Fanny Austin. Back of the match was Serena Austin. No, they are not related. 


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