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Sports Journal Profile: Gary Harper

Gary Harper, a 1983 graduate from St. Louis‘ Lindbergh H.S., is a 24 year old businessman (he is the proprietor of Springfield's Pappy's Place), a former Memphis St. University football player, and a rugby enthusiast who campaigns for a better image for the game of rugby. He has been involved with the Springfield Rugby Football Club since 1985 and currently assumes the responsibility of fund raising for the local organization. During the 1987 season, the Springfield Rugby Football Club reached the quarterfinals of the St. Louis Ruggerfest; last year they won the Heart of America B-Division Club championship.


Hobbies: Running, biking, SMSU Bears’ basketball (“I never miss a Bears’ home game"), and cooking ("My favorite recipes are Italian dishes.")

Musical Interest: "1 enjoy the light rock music of the middle seventies, especially the music of Elton John and the Eagles."

A Fantasy Encounter: ''I would love to get together with Fred Paoloi (of the

United States Eagles National team). I'd like to talk with him about how he reached his particular level of excellence. Fred is an attorney who still has enough time to become the best at his position."

Future Goals: "As a businessman, I'd like to open a second location of Pappy's in south Springfield. I would also like to pursue a career in sports officiating. I would like to see the Springfield Rugby Football Club become a first division program (the team currently participates as a second division club; divisions of competition are determined by the competitive level and the size of the club. I want to be a part of establishing a better public image for the sport of rugby."

Those interested in becoming involved with the Springfield Rugby Football Club can secure further information by contacting Ray Sipple (869-8206). The club practices twice a week, Tuesday and Thursday.

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